Available Now Choose your Armada and prepare for war in this revolutionary four player online 3D Real Time Strategy game. Battle to get new upgrades and become the most powerful and fearsome Armada in the galaxy!
Upgrade your Mechs, Tanks, Ships and Motherships to increase and customize your Armada’s power. Carry your upgrades onto new battles and pit your Armada against other customized Armadas!

Play online over 3G or Wi-Fi against players all over the world or challenge your buddies to a private match!

  • Choose between Human Armada, Cyborg Armada and Alien Armada
  • Engage in intense battles against other players
  • Battle across 5 stunning maps in full 3D environments
  • Track your wins and losses and climb up the leaderboard
  • Challenge your buddies to a private match
  • Our Zing Network will find players online and sort you into a battle ranging from 2 player to 4 player free for all
  • Battle against our advanced AI if no players are available online

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